[Illustration international] main Islamic extremist organization

What Trump loses in the terrorist organization designation of the ... Extremist organization threat diffusion from the name recognition dispute] = Middle East Africa - Islamic countries, to al-Qaeda axis Following the terrorist organization [the Arabian Peninsula al-Qaeda (AQAP)] of early month admitted the crime French satirical weekly newspaper shootings based in Yemen, extremist organization [Islamic State] is warning the killing of people Japanese hostage, local in the activities of Islamic extremists it has been activated. Extremist organizations compete awareness and presence, composition of repeating the high-profile terrorism emerges. Japanese use to inferior recovery In the French satirical paper Sharuriebudo headquarters shootings, 0 years to brothers of Saidokuashi (), Sherifukuashi () both suspects is said to have traveled to Yemen to activities AQAP. AQAP are letters journal published on the Internet in the [inspired], had called for the killing of Sharuriebudo paper editor-in-chief of caricature was published of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.