A new terrorist organization in the Philippines

What Trump loses in the terrorist organization designation of the ... A new terrorist organization in the Philippines L Armed Forces in the Philippines has become clear that you are taking a high alert. Faction loyal to Middle East terrorist organizations [Islamic State (IS)] in the Philippines of the Islamic extremist organization in what and local media was reportedly, are planning a terror aimed at Philippines Church of Christ, and of because the information is flowing, it is increasingly the main base of operations in which in addition to the southern Philippines and vehicles and passers-by of checkpoints and belongings inspection in the northern part of Luzon with the capital Manila is carried out vigilance of Islamic organization . Southeast Asia of human rights-related news and a call by the net media are - and [beech le news] is due to the place that was transmitted as information by the Philippines of the intelligence agencies to date, means the Luzon soldiers of the Caliphate State] [Suyu that it was confirmed that a new organization be referred to as a full-Cali fat Filson (SKFL)] is active in northern Luzon.

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